Dr.-Ing. Muchao Qu

Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Chair of Polymer Materials

Room: Room 1.93
Martensstr. 7
91058 Erlangen

ETI promotion 2019/2020

The FAU is proud of its talents – including those excellent junior researchers who have received an EIT grant. Their common goal: to submit an application to an external funding agency.

And the Chair of Polymer Materials is proud that Dr.-Ing. Muchao Qu has received an EIT-promotion as an excellent junior researcher!


2006 – 2010

Studies of Polymer Material and Engineering at the Harbin Institute of Technology, China


1. Concrete reinforcement by Zylon (PBO) and carbon fiber (CF) as hybrid composites

2. Incubation of MWCNTs on CF by Irradiation Technique

Bachelor Thesis: Production and reinforcement of the pultruded CF / GF composite pipe; degree: B. Eng.

2012 – 2014

Study of Chemistry at Chemnitz University of Technology,


1. Synthesis of push-pull-substituted barbiturate dyes starting from indandione derivatives

2. Orientation and torque of floating bodies

Master Thesis: Development of complexed electrolytes for galvanic coating of copper on carbon fibers;  degree: M.Sc.

2015 – 2018

Research Associate at the Department of Polymer Materials of the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg


PhD thesis: Characterisation and modelling of anisotropic conductive composit-filaments of PMMA and carbon fillers